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Since the very first projects 10 years ago, FPT’s AI services have been helping organizations streamline,
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we constantly improve, innovate and tailor our projects to best suit the changing business climate.

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Projects by industries

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1 Using AI to detect abnormal user behavior base on system log information Security Clustering, KNN
2 FPT OKR (Objectives & Key Results) Analysis: Analyze OKR of the whole corporation and determice the tendency of focused departments Productivity Tool NLP, Text Mining
3 Predict hit song based on (melody, author, artist and other meta data) Entertainment, Leisure LSTM, Spectogram Analytics, Wavenet
4 House Price Prediction Real Estate ANN
5 Reinforcement Learning for Atari Games Entertainment, Leisure Deep Reinforment Learning, FQN
6 Data exploration to test churn prediction models for English training centers Education N/A
7 Using AI in dynamic pricing model to serve hotel industry Entertainment, Leisure N/A
8 Using AI to predict horse race and recommend wining strategy in horse racing Entertainment, Leisure N/A
9 Causality Inference (Research, implement and write report on the survey data) Productivity Tool Causal Generative Neural Networks (CGNN), Pytorch, Structural Agnostic Model (SAM)
10 Using AI to extract data from house design drawings Construction OCR
11 Neural machine translation with attention Productivity Tool Attention, Bi-direction RNN, LSTM
12 Trigger word detection Productivity Tool LSTM
13 Virtual assistant using automatic speech recognition Productivity Tool ASR, LSTM, STT, TTS
14 Automated Call Center Airlines N/A
15 Digital Advisor HR IBM Watson
16 IT Support Email Chatbot Telecommunication N/A
17 Multilingual chatbot (English – Japanese – Vietnamese) Productivity Tool N/A
18 Using AI to analyze the satisfaction of employees HR N/A
19 Using AI in spelling check Productivity Tool N/A
20 Using NLP/AI in contents recommendation systems Entertainment, Leisure N/A