An end-to-end MLOps platform specially designed for industrial customers to build and effectively deploy
AI Acoustic Noise inspection solutions.

Key benefits

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Create audio defect book
Defect consensus & Model training
One button deployment

Focus for
 Acoustic Data

Sensors capture acoustic noise (sound) data from equipment for anomaly detection, as a real-time equipment health monitoring tool.This proactive approach enhances operational efficiency and asset longevity.


We offer flexible modeling solutions that encompass both supervised and unsupervised learning techniques. This comprehensive approach enables us to address a wide range of data-driven challenges effectively.

Easy and Scalable
 to Deploy

One button deployment with MLOps platform

Continuously improve accuracy

Predictive machinery’s condition enable manufactures to optimize product and asset quality

Automobile & Machine Tools
Automated sound testing in bearing manufacturing
Home Appliance Manufacturing
Acoustic monitor in household appliance